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Meteor: a better way to build apps by Roger Zurawicki

This is a hands-on introduction to Meteor, a JavaScript and Node.js framework built for the future. Meteor is an open-source platform for building top-quality web ...


Please support Peter Joseph's new, upcoming film project: "InterReflections" by joining the mailing list and helping: http://www.interreflectionsmovie.com LIKE ...

Suspense: Eve

Plots of thrillers involve characters which come into conflict with each other or with outside forces -- the threat is sometimes abstract or unseen. An atmosphere of ...

Privacy, Security, Society - Computer Science for Business Leaders 2016

Apple versus FBI; encryption; Dropbox.

Secret Service Agents and Prostitutes, Student Loans, Corporate Taxes on Jets, Oil Subsidies (2012)

http://thefilmarchive.org/ April 26, 2012 Executive pay (also executive compensation) refers to financial compensation received by upper-level management ...

Web Programming - Computer Science for Business Leaders 2016

noSQL, SQL; APIs; JavaScript.

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